Detours and Frolics: Week of 8/22 — Welcome Back!

The fall semester has started! You probably don’t need a distraction quite yet, but if you do, here’s a collection of last week’s legal news and miscellany to catch up on:

  • Some professors may be okay with you calling them by first name, but make sure that’s the case before doing so (WSJ Law Blog)
  • A Cook County judge allegedly allowed a clerk to sit on the bench and make rulings (Sun Times)
  • Pennsylvania’s AG will step down after being convicted on charges of perjury and obstruction (CNN) (warning: auto-play video at link)
  • An interesting post on the question of whether it’s constitutional for the Supreme Court to review court marital decisions. The author argues yes but links to an amicus brief arguing otherwise (Just Security)
  • And finally, to follow up on the author’s favorite ongoing legal saga, the lawyers who put “Happy Birthday” in the public domain have been awarded $4.62 million in fees (AV Club)
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