Detours and Frolics: Week of 5/23

A quiet week at JMLS won’t stop the Detours and Frolics train from running. Here’s your legal news and miscellany from the last little while:

  • “Who’s Who on Trump’s Supreme Court Wish List” (WSJ Law Blog)
  • A Mississippi school district has been ordered to desegregate its schools only 50 years after Brown (Clarion-Ledger) (warning: auto-play video in link)
  • Twitter won’t sell bulk data to the government, but what does that really mean for privacy protection? (Legal Solutions Blog)
  • Radiohead is facing a copyright suit concerning one of its latest videos (AV Club)
  • A law firm is seeking to sue former employees who left less-than-stellar reviews on Sample reviews include “Unreasonably cruel” and “For the love of God, do NOT work here.” (Above the Law)
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