Detours and Frolics: Leap Day Edition

Happy Leap Day! Catch up on some of last week’s legal news and miscellany:

  • He’s crossed the threshold: Justice Thomas hasn’t asked a question during arguments for a decade (MSNBC)
  • Since she clerked for Thurgood Marshall while the Supreme Court sat with only 8 justices, Justice Kagan is the only current justice to know what that’s like. Will the experience give her any special insights? (Bloomberg BNA)
  • The best original screenplay award went to Spotlight last night. Will the statuette suffer the same legal odyssey Orson Welles’ did? (Above the Law)
  • “The Department of Justice Has Taken an Interest in 50 Cent’s ‘Posing with Money’ Series on Instagram” (Dealbreaker)
  • Why you could end up living on Greed Lane in Staten Island (City Lab)
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