Detours and Frolics: Week of 2/23

What’s that? You say your eyeballs are frozen? Warm them up with the following selection of legal news and items of interest:

  •  “Federal judge in Texas blocks Obama immigration order” (Washington Post)
  • Lawmakers in Oklahoma are trying get AP US History out of high schools (Reuters)
  • A Utah court accepted a woman’s argument that she should be allowed to sue herself (Lowering the Bar)
  • Update 1: A federal judge has decided that the Cubs can continue construction of their large signs at Wrigley (WSJ Law Blog)
  • Update 2: The pro se litigant whose case the Supreme Court granted cert, who then disappeared, who then had his case dismissed, who then reappeared with Paul Clement as his attorney to petition the Court to take the case back on, has had that petition denied (WSJ Law Blog)
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