Detours and Frolics: Week of 1/12

It’s time for the first Detours and Frolics of 2015! Catch up with some recent legal news and items of interest to distract you from the weather:

  • Palestine will join the International Criminal Court (The Guardian)
  • You may recall the litigant pro se litigant who was granted cert by the Supreme Court but was nowhere to be found. In case you were wondering, he never turned up, and his case was dismissed last Friday (Lowering the Bar)
  • A federal judge struck down California’s ban on foie gras (SFGate)
  • In other ban news, the Oklahoma legislature wants to outlaw wearing hoodies in public (ABA Journal)
  • A councilman in Maryland threatened to sue a newspaper reporter if she used his name in her stories. He has since apologized (NPR)
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