Detours and Frolics: Week of 11/10


“Detours and Frolics” may have been out of the office on Monday, but it’s back on Tuesday to clue you in to what happened last week in the world of law:

  • A big week for same sex marriage. Courts in Missouri and Kansas struck down marriage bans there, while the 6th Circuit almost certainly assured the Supreme Court will take up the issue of such bans by finally creating a circuit split and upholding the bans in four states (Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed, SCOTUSblog)
  • A bankruptcy judge approved Detroit’s debt plan, which will hopefully get the financially beleaguered city back on track (Detroit News)
  • Is there an 18-year-old state lawmaker in West Virginia? After the midterms, yes, yes there is (NPR)
  • A man in the apparently bizarro world of Western Australia drove his plane down the street and right up to the bar (Legal Juice)
  • The drummer for AC/DC was charged with attempting to buy a murder, then had the charge dropped (Buzzfeed)
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