Detours and Frolics: Week of 10/20

More detours than frolics in this week’s installment:

  • The Supreme Court has allowed Texas to enforce its strict voter ID laws this election. Justice Ginsburg is not happy (SCOTUSblog, Slate)
  • Gay marriage is steadily becoming the law of the land, as Arizona and Wyoming have their bans struck down and the Supreme Court denied Alaska’s request to issue a stay (ABA Journal)
  • Also out of Texas, the Supreme Court took some of the bite out of a law that would have shut down all but seven abortion clinics in the rather large state (SCOTUSblog)
  • The director of the FBI asked tech firms to reconsider some of the data protection measures they’ve taken in light of revelations on the scope of government data collection (WSJ Law Blog)
  • If you’re convicted of a crime and don’t want to serve time, consider just getting up and walking out of the courthouse (Lowering the Bar)
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