Exam Prep and Practice Questions

While outlining your courses is the most prevalent form of studying for exams, don’t underestimate the value of doing practice questions (I’m sure you haven’t; just consider this a gentle reminder).

If they’re available, work on your professors’ previous exams. Check out our exams on reserve through eCommons. Even if your professor hasn’t provided any previous exams, working on other professors’ exams concerning the same subject matter can be helpful. Just make sure you know the format of the exam you’ll be taking so you know that you’re maximizing practice time.

Don’t be afraid to go to commercial materials either if there aren’t any exams available on reserve. This guide for 1Ls has contains information on exam practice books in all of the substantive 1L classes, and if you’re a 2L or 3L you can browse the Academic Success Collection on the 6th floor for material on your subject.

And as always, feel free to contact a reference librarian (427.2737 ext 729, using the chat feature on the library home page, or at the reference desk) if you have any questions.

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