Additional Study Rooms on 6th floor

The library is excited to announce 2 new study rooms on the 6th floor.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation over the past year as the library housed temporary offices during the construction of the State Street entrance.  Now that the construction is over we were able to convert the space into new student study rooms.  Rooms 626 and 627 are located in the northwest corner of the library, near the popular reading collection and men’s restroom.

Students can book rooms online using the Study Room Reservation System available on the library’s website.  Study rooms are available for group study by two or more current JMLS students. Each student is limited to reserving two hours per week. After submitting a booking request, an email will be sent requesting confirmation of the reservation.  Students will have 12 hours to confirm their reservations by clicking the confirmation link inside the email.

Please remember to keep noise levels to a minimum in the study rooms, as sound travels easily in the building.

Faculty and staff should check with the Registrar’s Office to find meeting space elsewhere in the school.

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