Electronic books now available

JMLS students, faculty and staff now have access to thousands of e-books.   Users can locate e-books by searching the library catalog, where search results now include both print and electronic books.

The e-books can be viewed in a web browser; no e-reader (Kindle, Nook, etc.) is required.    Users can also download the books to be viewed offline by downloading the free software Adobe Digital Editions.  This is easily done by clicking the Download button and then following the installation link.

Unlike print books that can only be checked out to 1 person at a time, multiple users can view the e-books simultaneously.   EBL, the e-book platform, also allows users to create “collections” (lists of books organized in any way the user chooses) and personalized “notes” associated with particular pages from an e-book.  These collections and notes are visible only to the individual user and will be accessible each time the user logs in or opens the e-book.

Looking for non-law books?  The JMLS library catalog contains records for law related titles, but we  have access to e-books in many other disciplines via EBL.  Simply visit www.jmls.eblib.com/EBLWeb to locate scholarly e-books on non-legal topics.


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