Trial Video Database now available

The library has added a new subscription database that provides real courtroom video highlights with commentary and analysis keyed to a breakdown of trial advocacy and litigation training topics.

The Video Training Library of Courtroom View Network (CVN) is organized into the following categories:

  • Opening Statements:  Opening – Argue the Law, Use of Themes,  Use of PowerPoint or Exhibits, Humanize the Client, Rhetorical Devices, Address Weaknesses in your Case, Use of 5 Senses – Painting a Picture, Final 3 Minutes
  • Direct Exam:  Direct Exam Overview,  Laying a Foundation, Introducing and Personalizing a Witness, Use of Exhibits, Inoculate a Witness – Prepare for Cross, Transitioning Subjects, Sit Down Questions, Pace of Questions, Refresh a Witness’ Recollection, Movement in the Courtroom,
  • Direct of Expert: Direct of Expert Overview, Foundation – Qualification, Foundation for Opinions, Transitioning, Expert Witness – Use of Exhibits, Hypothetical, Objections and Rephrasing
  • Cross Exam: Cross Exam Overview, Control, Bias, Impeachment, Qualification, The Likeable Witness, The Hostile Witness, Impeachment – Prior Inconsistent Statement, Impeachment by use of Learned Treatise, Box in Witness, Cross with Exhibits,
  • Closing Arguments: Closing Arguments Overview, Closing – Argue the Law, Final 4 Minutes, Thanking the Jury, Rule of 3 and Other Rhetorical Devices, Burden of Proof Explaining, Asking for Money or Answering Request for Money
  • Rebuttal : Rebuttal Overview, Flipping the Other Side’s Theme

The Video Training Library can be accessed from anywhere at This database is from Courtroom View Network, the same company that provides you AudioCaseFiles.  If you haven’t tried AudioCaseFiles, it provides downloadable MP3 files of court opinions that are searchable by course, textbook or subject.

In order to access the Video Training Library or AudioCaseFiles, you will need to register with Courtroom View Network using your email address. If you have any questions, please stop by the reference desk.


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