Trial Subscription: Aspen Treatises

The Library is trying out a number of popular Aspen treatise as part of its electronic resources collection. Most of the Aspen titles cover the following subject areas:

  • Antitrust & Trade Regulation (i.e. Antitrust Law by Areeda & Hovenkamp; Foreign Commerce and the Anitrust Laws by Fugate)
  • Benefits (i.e. Employee Benefit Plan Review)
  • Computer and Internet Law (i.e. Law of Electronic Commerce; Drafting Internet Agreements)
  • Corporation & Business Organization Law (i.e. Folk on the Delaware Corporation Law)
  • Intellectual Property (including Kluwer Manual IP, the electronic version of the “Brown Books”)
  • Labor & Employment Law (i.e. Covenants Not to Compete)
  • Pension (i.e. 401(k) Answer Book)

To access these titles, simply follow the CCH link on the Library home page. This link will take you to the Intelliconnect platform, where you can then access the Aspen titles by subject.

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