Library Lunchtime Learning Series: The Legal Research Process, Monday, Sept. 20

Whether you are a 3L or a 1L in your first weeks of law school, you have probably gathered that legal research is a different animal from research in other disciplines.  Each research problem raises similar questions.  When do I start searching for cases?  When do I use secondary sources like law review articles?  How do I know when my research is complete?  Monday’s program will provide you with a framework for conducting legal research and the opportunity to ask questions about the research process.  All students should feel free to attend, whether you are new to law school or would simply like a refresher.

Come learn about the research process at the Lunchtime Learning Series on Monday, Sept. 20 at noon in Room 608.  Reference librarian and former practicing attorney, Ramsey Donnell, will discuss the process and answer your questions.


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